Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Introduction of fastest dive challenge and theory behind it.(3A)

There were three parts 1)Choose one of the sphere of different size which will touch the bottom first.-                light object and heavy object.
                                    2)Choose one of the shapes which will  touch the bottom first.

1)There were three different sizes.

We chose the middle-sized ball but in the end the largest ball was the fastest.
Through the process,we used the formula '(mg-u)-kv=ma'.
(mg-u) is always constant ,v refers to volume,m refers to mass and a refers to acceleration.

2)There were different shapes
we chose the shape that looked like a tablet or diamond but in the end the sphere was the fastest.
This is because along the way,the figures changed its direction.Since the sphere has a fixed shape,it was less affected by the resistance.

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