Individual Reflection

(03/06/14) First of all,I learnt what fume hood is and how to use it.We always had to be careful in order to prevent from contacting any chemicals and breaking  the apparatus. This lesson reminded me again about the lab safety.
During the process, I was also glad to use the simple distillation that we learnt last year.Previously, I had thought that it was a simple process like its name but today I realised that it was very complicated and a lot of factors were needed.
At the end of the experiment,I was surprised to see green caffeine solid as most of us were expecting brown solid.'

(04/06/14)When I first chose this topic,I was more interested in extracting the caffeine than having physics lesson with the ball.However,after this lesson,I immediately changed my mind and attitude.
It was the most exciting physics lesson that I have ever had!!!!
We did various experiments to understand and apply the theories that we had learnt and we also watched a movie and advertisement to discuss if they are possible in real life.
Once again,I think it was very useful lesson as we could use our own physical knowledge in the experiments.
Most importantly,during the break,we also had a chance to understand the course better.Through this programme,my interest and understanding in this topic has increased and certainly,it was very fulfilling.

During this 2-day camp, I have learnt many things that can be used physically and mentally. Since we had to work in groups with people I barely know, I learnt that knowing more about my group mates is very important to help aid in giving positions in the group. On the first day, we were told many instructions to follow on how to extract caffeine from tea. When I saw the lab and all the equipment, I was very fascinated by all of it as we were going to use it for the first time.  After doing the whole experiment, I realised extracting the caffeine was not that difficult if you know all the concepts behind it. I think extracting the caffeine from the tea would be the most memorable experiment I did.

On the second day, we concentrated mostly on the physics part of this project, the Fastest Ball Challenge. Since this was physics, I thought it would be very boring as I had no interest in physics at all. But after doing the experiment, I found it very fun as while experimenting with the whole group, we get to bond more as communication was needed. Finding the calculations was also fun too. From this whole project, I realised Science was not as boring as I expected, in fact there was a lot of exciting things to think about when it comes to the subject Science.

On the third day, it was the closing ceremony for this whole camp. On the way to our destination I thought of all the exciting experiments we had done in the past two days. I realised the things we do now is very beneficial for us in the future and it is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. During the closing ceremony, we were introduced to the school and I found out that the university was quite similar to our current school now. We learnt about 3D printers during the plenary session and learnt that 3D printers have its pros and cons. When our school mates were presenting their projects to us, I saw how passionate they were when presenting to us the products or their own learning process. I learnt that we should not take every thing for granted and should be thankful for the things people provide us with.

I would really like to thank all the people who participated in making this programme successful. Special thanks to the professors who taught us how to extract caffeine from beverages and the Fastest Ball Challenge/Dive, the teacher assistants who guided us through our difficult times and all the staff who worked in the background in NTU. I would also like to extend my gratitude towards the teachers in our school, the Science and ADMT department for working with the staff in NTU, and our principle, for making this experience in NTU possible. Last but not least, I would also like to thank my group mates, the teachers IC for our project and the whole Secondary 2 cohort for attending this camp with me. A big thank you to NTU for hosting our school and also being a part in this organized day camp.
Si Hui
I found this project very interesting as we are able to see what we do not always see. For the fastest ball challenge, I found it interesting to know the arrangement needed to differ the speed of the ball. For the extraction of caffeine, I found that it was special that we are able to obtain caffeine from daily product.
First Day:
Today, we were experimenting to extract, caffeine from the tea. We did a lot of  steps to extract the caffeine out alone. I have learnt many things during this experiment.  I realized that whatever we do or handle with, safety always comes first. Whether the experiment is a failure or a success, safety is what we must always look out for. When I went into the lab, I saw many different equipment or solution in the lab which I thought was very cool. We hardly  have the opportunity to handle advanced science equipment and thus, I feel very honored and grateful that we have the chance to visit the lab. Although there were some difficulties that we must face or some misunderstanding that we found it boring or tiring, overall, I felt that it was an enjoyable moment and I realize that my knowledge is just a small percentage of the actual thing, and I found that there were a lot more things to learn.
Second Day:
Today, we find out the way to have the ball move the fastest. I learnt that every different measurements can change the speed of the ball and I find it very interesting. I also learnt that mathematics is very important in physics as we can conclude a result just using math. I felt that I must make sure and be careful to obtain reliable results in every experiments I do. I can imply what I learnt in my normal school day when I am doing experiments for practical. After looking at the different equipment they have in the lab. Examples like 3D printer which I find it very cool. Finally, I wonder what I can do so that the results I recorded can be much more accurate.

Myat Noe
I chose this project because I found it interesting. For the extraction of caffeine, I thought it would be cool to see the amount of caffeine found in different products. Caffeine is found in many products that we consume often, some even daily like coca cola, coffee and tea. In the extraction of caffeine, conducting the experiment was very fun and I also learnt a lot more about not only the experiment but also the precautions we should take in the lab. I am really glad that we have this opportunity to use such advanced lab equipment. The whole day overall was interesting and I got a chance to bond with my team members.

From the short time I got to try the Fastest Ball Challenge, it was a lot more fun than I had expected. At first, I thought that since it was maths and physics, it would be boring and involve a lot of calculations. However, since we got to try all the different angles and heights to drop the ball, we had a great time figuring out the calculations and the theory behind how it works and it was really interesting. They also took us to look at some of the other equipments like 3D printers. I have learnt a lot from this and I hope to be able to use my knowledge and apply it in the future.

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